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OTA Antenna Measurement System for Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

06 September 2016 - ETS-Lindgren announced support of the new LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced Measurement Solution for TRP and TIS measurements on Bluetooth low energy devices. The LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced Solution is the world’s first and only over-the-air (OTA) RF measurement system for Bluetooth low energy devices.

With this capability the ETS-Lindgren Antenna Measurement Systems (AMS) become the first commercial system capable of performing “true” OTA TRP and TIS measurements on Bluetooth low energy devices without any cable connection to the EUT during the measurement. Adding the LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced Solution to ETS-Lindgren’s AMS family enables wireless RF device designers and test engineers to quickly and accurately characterize Bluetooth low energy antenna and device performance to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

“ETS-Lindgren has always been at the forefront of any new OTA test requirements since the first adaptation of the CTIA OTA test plans. The adaptation of new wireless technologies drives us to move at an even faster pace to support the industries’ test requirements,” said Jari Vikstedt, Manager, Wireless Solutions, with ETS-Lindgren. “The wireless industry has long asked for a Bluetooth low energy OTA test solution to help with their design process. We are very excited to be able to provide this turnkey OTA solution for the industry with the LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced Solution.”

The Bluetooth Advanced Solution is fully integrated into the ETS-Lindgren AMS product offering, providing a familiar test environment and easy migration for existing users. With many Bluetooth low energy devices, the only interface is through the wireless connection, so wireless performance, including antenna gain and antenna patterns, is critical for customer satisfaction.

The ETS-Lindgren Antenna Measurement System with LitePoint’s Bluetooth Advanced Solution ensures device characterization is fast and accurate, enabling rapid evaluation of design changes. “For device makers to be successful they need to get new technology to market first to capture market share, but they also must get there with the highest quality in order to command the pricing associated with premium quality brands,” said Brad Robbins, President of LitePoint. “The Bluetooth Advanced Measurement Solution is easy to use and configure, and provides powerful RF measurement results for design verification or manufacturing test. With Bluetooth Advanced, device makers can achieve the best of both worlds — getting to market quickly with a high quality product.”

More than 75% of the CTIA Authorized Test Labs (CATLs) utilize ETS-Lindgren’s solutions for Over-The-Air (OTA) radiated performance testing.

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