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Multi-Channel Arbitrary-Waveform Generator

ZHinst HDAWG 8ch03 November 2017 - Zurich Instruments announces the HDAWG, an arbitrary waveform generator with the highest channel density and shortest trigger latency (<50 ns) on the market. The HDAWG comes in either a 4 or 8 channel configuration, both offering a 16-bit output and signal cache of 500 MSamples per channel. The maximum sample rate is 2.4 GSa/s at a signal bandwidth of 750 MHz, and each signal output has both a TTL marker-output and a TTL trigger input. Furthermore, there is a 32-bit digital IO which can produce and read complex bit-patterns.

For applications where a large number of channels are required, multiple instruments can be synchronized and centrally controlled. The HDAWG is controlled via the browser-based LabOne user interface and through MATLAB, LabView, Python, .NET or C. Sequences can be easily written, edited and compiled using the embedded scripting language and complier. The resulting sequences are lean and can be swiftly transferred to the instrument over 1 GbE or USB 3.0. This saves time and increases workflow efficiency, and allows the user to maintain an overview of complex signal patterns.

The HDAWG has been developed to meet the highest R&D requirements, for example, in Quantum Computing Applications to produce pulsed signal sequences with minimal noise. Further applications include NMR, electronic component testing, spectroscopy and Radar/Lidar.

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