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Portable Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer

Oscium WiPry 2500x24 April 2019 - Oscium announced WiPry 2500x, a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that visualizes 2.4 & 5 GHz on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. The WiPry 2500x is the 5th generation of the award-winning WiPry product line, and it improves on an already impressive legacy of innovation and recognition. The first WiPry product was released in Sept 2011.

Matt Lee, Co-Founder & CTO of Oscium, said, “We work hard to ensure we are under-promising and over-delivering value to the marketplace.”

On the hardware side, the WiPry 2500x is slightly larger than previous versions. Additional space was added to allow for external charging (4 AAA alkaline batteries). This provides full functionality for newer iOS devices including SSID’s.

On the software side, significant improvements have been made including:

  Play / Record (helps in capturing intermittent issues)

  Enhanced Reporting Function (birth certificates track Wi-Fi health)

  SNR / SINR automatic calculation (speeds up site evaluation)

One of the benefits of these software improvements is that there is no software subscription charge. Software is free of charge and available through the user's preferred platform: iOS, Android, PC, and / or Mac.

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