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Yokogawa doubles Sweep Speed on its Optical Spectrum Analyzer

14 November 2011 - Yokogawa announced the release of the latest firmware (Rev. 2.01) for AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer. These firmware enhancements includes a new double-speed mode which effectively increases the wavelength sweep speed up to two times compared to the previous version.

Prior to these enhancements, Yokogawa’s OSAs were already five to ten times faster than the previous generation models that were introduced by Ando Corporation prior to Yokogawa’s acquisition.

Summary of a few key features and improvements includes:

  • Double sweep speed mode
  • Enhanced analysis and search functions
  • Additional analysis items for Optical transceiver testing
  • Graphical display for EDFA analysis
  • Multi-peak/bottom search function
  • Enhanced SMSR analysis


The new firmware (Rev. 2.01) will be installed on AQ6370C OSAs starting November 1, 2011.

For existing owners of AQ6370C OSAs, the new firmware is available for free download on our Y-Link support site starting Mid-November.

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