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Polar Instruments presents new PCB Insertion Loss Test System

19 November 2013 - Polar Instruments presented its next-generation Atlas PCB insertion-loss test system. Atlas 2014 introduces a new generation of Polar Instruments’ PCB insertion-loss test systems combining the upgrade from Single Ended TDR to Differential Insertion Loss (SET2DIL) to bidirectional SET2DIL and capability for Short Pulse Propagation (SPP) test method.

The combination of these two methodologies means that PCB fabricators can support customers using either of the primary methods for using TDR for insertion loss measurement as outlined in the IPC TM-650 specification. This will enable fabricators to support each customer’s individual preference, or to select the optimum methodology based on its suitability for testing each PCB.

In addition support for 20GHz 30GHz and 50GHz bandwidth sampling heads offers both new and existing customers assurance of a future proof system capability.

“We understand our customers’ time is precious, and that deploying an easy to operate system with an integrated look and feel in the test environment reduces the time spent on operator training and maximises operator efficiency,” remarks Neil Chamberlain, Signal Integrity Product Manager at Polar.  “Just as the Polar CITS and Si8000m provide a complete offering measuring and modeling impedance at low GHz speeds, using Atlas in combination with Si9000e affords our customers a one stop shop for insertion loss modeling and metrology in the multi GHz high speed serial transmission arena.” 

Atlas can be used as a standalone insertion loss test system, or used in conjunction with Polar Instruments’ range of signal-integrity tools which include impedance modelling and stackup design as well as coupon design and generation systems. In particular the Si9000e boundary element field solver is capable of modeling PCB insertion loss into the high GHz region, Polar is unique in being the only player in the fabrication industry supplying tailored measurement and modeling solutions. Polar tools are used by OEM design engineers, to ensure accurate PCB design and documentation, and by PCB fabricators to increase the manufacturing yields for high-speed PCBs.

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