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Cable Tester supports 4-Wire Precision Resistance Measurement

CAMI ConversionBoard15 January 2019 - CAMI Research, manufacturer of automation-ready cable and harness test systems, announced the CB53 connector motherboard that will convert a top-mounted standard 64-pin connector board test fixture into a 4-wire test fixture. Conversion is valid when the UUT connects directly into the standard board rather than via a flying lead or adapter cable and eliminates the need to otherwise create custom 4-Wire test fixtures.

The CB53 fits all CableEye models and is rated for HiPot testing at 800 Vdc, 500 Vac. 4-Wire resistance measurement is available for models M4 and HVX-series CableEye testers.

Sold as a set of two boards, each CB53 accepts any other standard 64-pin‑configured board in a stacked configuration. The converter board plugs directly into the 64‑pin header of the tester and is sandwiched between the tester and the main connector board. 4‑Wire conversion is valid when the UUT connects directly into the main board, rather than via a flying lead or adapter cable. In addition to the latest CableEye software, the CB53 requires a tester with 4‑wire measurement capability, a mating connector board, and an expansion module. As with any 4‑wire measurement, twice the number of test points is required than for standard 2‑wire measurement, therefore an expansion module is necessary. Ribbon cables connect the CB53 to each bank of the expansion module.

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