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Cable Testers display Work Instructions and convert Operator Text to Speech

CableEye RWI15 March 2019 - CAMI Research, manufacturer of the CableEye automation-ready cable and harness testers used for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC, ships the tester with a comprehensive software package that provides test functions, graphic wiring display, connectors database, reporting, data logging, automation scripting and many more features. In addition to being used to automate the test itself, this out-of-the-box automation scripting lets managers generate and display rich text work instructions with images. Work instructions can be coupled with operator text to speech conversion to form a totally heads-down workstation.

CAMI offers the CableEye suite of products complete with accessories – including auto-detected, plug-in connector boards for fast, convenient set-up and testing of standard cables. There is an extensive and growing stock library of these test fixture boards – most of which are populated with families of connectors, such as the audio market CB19. When pre-populated boards are used, the tester GUI automatically displays a graphic of the connectors and wiring under test. The tester can be readily programmed to do the same for custom boards and fixtures. These boards are designed to fit all CableEye testers.

Automation with CableEye is simple yet powerful. Included with every tester, CableEye software offers out-of-the-box automation capabilities with both Macros and Javascript scripting languages. Macros offer the simplest, easiest language on the market.

By completely automating the test process after the operator attaches a cable, you eliminate any chance that testing or documentation will differ from one cable to the next. Create image-rich work instructions to also reduce operator mistakes during test set-up. To do this, you will need the RTF NOTE... macro instruction which displays a popup window with your specified rich text file (see photo for example). You have complete control of whether the work instructions completely or partially overlap the production-testing screen. Work instructions can be coupled with operator text to speech conversion to form a totally heads-down workstation.

Exacting Reporting Standards

CableEye software allows customers to meet the most exacting reporting requirements of government-contracted and ISO 9000-style certified companies.

Availability & Domestic US Pricing

This work instruction productivity tool comes with the standard software shipped with every CableEye test system. Basic continuity testers start at $1,295. All new systems include CableEye’s standard, renewable one year Warranty that is combined with free tech support and free software upgrades.

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