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GAOtek-Oscilloscope-DMMHandheld Two Channel Digital Oscilloscope with DMM

11 June 2012 – GAO Tek Inc. launched a handheld two channel digital oscilloscope with DMM function. It can be used both as a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) and a professional oscilloscope and is an ideal tool for complex measurements and troubleshooting during on-site inspection. This handheld digital oscilloscope, model A0110007, has all of the functionality of a digital multimeter (DMM), such as measurements for voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and diode and continuity check.

It features an auto-scale function, automatic settings function, automatic parameter measurement, multiple wavelength calculation functions and advanced triggering options. It has 60 MHz bandwidth and offers up to 250 MS/s real-time sampling rate at a memory depth of 6 k per channel. It has a rise time of less than 5.8 ns, a vertical sensitivity from 5 mV/div to 5 V/div and a horizontal scale from 5 ns/div to 100 s/div.

Triggering modes such as edge trigger (Normal, Single shot, Auto) and video trigger are provided. The scope communicates with a computer via USB interface. In addition, it provides up to 6 hours continuous operation on a single charge.

The instrument belongs to GAO’s family of Portable Digital Oscilloscopes. This line also has includes Portable Digital Scope w/FFT which is commonly used for electronic circuit debugging, circuit testing, design and manufacture, education and training, automobile maintenance and testing, Dual Channel Portable 150 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, Handheld 2 Channel 20 MHz Digital Oscilloscope/DMM and other similar products with different bandwidths.

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