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Reliable Power Measurements in the Field

CA 843611 July 2018 - C.A 8436 Qualistar+, the new all-terrain power and power quality analyser from Chauvin Arnoux, offers a rugged, watertight design with an IP67 protection rating. It is ideal for industrial uses in factories, production workshops, etc., and can also be used on outdoor wiring closets. For preventive or corrective maintenance, the C.A 8436 can be used for work on all types of Low-Voltage installations.

The C.A 8436 measures the relevant voltage, current and power parameters and can be used for a full diagnosis of an electrical installation. Low-level current measurements (100 mA – 10,000 A) are possible by using MiniFLEX flexible sensors.

To enable you to keep working for longer, the C.A 8436 is self-powered directly by the phase from 100 V to 1,000 V, AC or DC. Thanks to its 5 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs, the C.A 8436 allows continuous, simultaneous recording of all the parameters. Its multiple alarms ensure optimum network monitoring. The whole Qualistar+ range can be used to draft the power reports required for energy efficiency diagnostics.

The Qualistar+ analysers comply with the IEC 1000-4-30 standard and be used to produce measurement reports in compliance with the EN 50160 standard.

Ergonomics & accessories

The C.A 8436 is equipped with a large colour TFT screen offering day/night reverse display for more comfortable viewing. Communication between the C.A 8436 and a PC via USB is high-speed. In addition to its proven easy use, the C.A 8436 is also equipped with a large number of IP67 accessories: mains power cable, set of voltage leads, MiniFlex and AmpFlex.

The power measurements take into account all the parameters: decomposition of the reactive power values, with the concepts of non-active power (N), distorting power (D) and reactive power (Q1 ). All the parameters (transients, alarms and waveforms) are captured and recorded simultaneously. The measurements of the harmonics (in %f and %r) offer a complete decomposition of the harmonics, including on the neutral conductor, with calculation of the distorting voltages and currents.

Additional specifications

  • Voltage (TRMS AC+DC): 2 V to 1,000 V
  • Current (TRMS AC+DC): 5 mA to 10 kA
  • Power values: W, VA, var, PF, DPF, cos ϕ, tan φ
  • Energy values: Wh, VAh, varh, VADh
  • Harmonics and THD: Yes, orders 0 to 50, phase
  • Transients: 210
  • Flicker: Pst & Plt
  • Inrush over a 10-minute period
  • Recording: 2 weeks to several years
  • Alarms: 10,000 of 40 different types
  • Peak function
  • Automatic vectorial representation
  • Available languages: more than 27
  • Dimensions: 270 x 250 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg


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