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Aeroflex launches 5th Generation modular wireless Test System

Aeroflex-3050A10 June 2013— Aeroflex announced that it has launched a new generation of wide bandwidth RF signal generators and analyzers in PXI format enabling a high performance, flexible, and cost effective solution for RF component and wireless device testing to the latest standards, including WLAN 802.11ac. The PXI 3050A low noise RF signal generator and the PXI 3320 arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) are used together to provide a fully configurable RF signal generator with wide bandwidth vector modulation, low phase noise, and fast frequency and level settling.

The signal generator is available in two frequency range options—from 100 kHz to either 3 GHz or 6 GHz—and with a choice of +10 dBm or +20 dBm output power. A 200 MHz modulated RF bandwidth with low residual error vector magnitude (EVM) of less than 0.5% makes it the ideal choice for wideband standards using high order 256 QAM modulation, such as 802.11ac. Excellent linearity (ACLR) of greater than 70dB 3GPP TM1 makes 3050A ideal for use in test solutions for power amplifiers and repeaters.

Phase noise is best-in-class at -135 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz with 20 kHz offset while maintaining excellent frequency agility with settling times of less than 100 μs.

The PXI 3070A is a high performance RF digitizer with up to 160 MHz of instantaneous IF bandwidth for analyzing wide bandwidth signals. The 3070A is available in two frequency range options from 250 MHz to either 3 GHz or 6 GHz, with test suites for general purpose spectrum analysis and support for the latest standards including WLAN 802.11a, b, g, n, ac and MIMO. This wide instantaneous IF bandwidth allows true measurement of 160 MHz wide OFDMA signals without the stitching required by other products, and so avoids ambiguities in carrier leakage and spectral flatness measurements. Measurement speed is also improved.

The 5th Generation PXI modules are a complete solution for testing RF components and transceivers for wide bandwidth wireless communications technologies in R&D, design verification, and production environments. Together with Aeroflex’s PXI signal conditioning modules, PXI Studio 2 and newly launched PXI Maestro, Phase 5 offers an ATE solution serving the convergence of cellular and wireless connectivity standards and emergence of MIMO technologies.

“The latest wideband wireless standards present particular challenges for device testing,” said Tim Carey, Product Manager at Aeroflex. “This new generation of PXI RF test equipment features the lowest phase noise currently available. This, along with the wide bandwidth, makes the PXI 3000 Series the ideal platform for making measurements in both R&D and manufacturing environments. Aeroflex’s renowned synthesizer technology allows us to deliver the speed required by manufacturing and performance required in R&D or design verification.”

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