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Automated Optical Inspection of THT Assemblies

06 September 2013 ― SEHO Systems, a manufacturer of automated soldering systems and customer-specific solutions, introduces an AOI system for optical inspection of THT assemblies that has been developed in cooperation with IVT Industrial Vision Technologies GmbH. The SEHO ViproInline represents the speed and precise inspection of through-hole solder connections and can be flexibly integrated into a fully automated production line after the wave or selective soldering process for the detection of soldering and placement faults.

The ViproInline features a camera lighting unit that is designed for bottom-side inspection of through-hole assemblies. Besides typical soldering and placement faults such as bridges, open solder joints, poor meniscus or missing pins, the unit also reliably detects solder balls and washed off neighboring SMD components. The orthogonal sensor head allows fast and reliable analysis with its vertical viewing direction. Images are captured with a special 5 megapixel RGB area scan camera that ensures short picture acquisition time. The multi-color LED lighting consists of centrically focused and diffused lighting from the side, thus assisting the position finding of the components and highlighting the attributes specific to solder joints. This concept ensures optimum conditions for testing and enhances the performance and testing speed remarkably.

To reduce cycle time, the ViproInline can be equipped with a 10 megapixel camera or with several bottom-side cameras. Additionally, the system may be provided with an additional axis and camera unit for the detection of hole fill at the PCB top-side as well as simultaneous solder joint inspection of through-hole and glued SMD components. The inspection results are recorded and detected defects can be passed directly to one or several repair work places. The comfortable software for repair work ensures a comprehensive quality management system. Besides the verification and computer-aided repair of defects, this software provides extensive tools for statistical process analysis. Moreover, conclusive test reports can be generated with just the click of a mouse. Evaluation of trend and series defect information enables early process optimization to reduce the error rate notably. As a result, this leads to increased manufacturing quality and long-term cost reductions.

Alternatively, the AOI system may be directly integrated into the SEHO PowerSelective system, offering additional advantages particularly regarding cost savings in floor space and board handling equipment.

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