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Tektronix launches new Precision Single-Phase Power Analyzer

Tektronix PA100014 January 2014 – Tektronix announced an expansion of its family of precision power analyzers with the introduction of the PA1000 single-phase power analyzer. Featuring a patent pending Spiral Shunt design, the PA1000 enables accurate power measurements in the shortest possible time. Features such as a color graphical display, one-button application modes and intuitive menu system enable optimum instrument set up in seconds, and  the powerful PWRVIEW PC software includes comprehensive reporting features such as a full compliance IEC62301 standby power certificate.

The new PA1000 single-phase power analyzer compliments the PA4000 series of precision three-phase power analyzers introduced in 2013.

"Power is one of the most dynamic segments in electronics today given the intense interest on the part of consumers, business and government to reduce overall energy consumption. Improving battery life is another key driver,” said Curt Willener, general manager, Power Analyzer Product Line, Tektronix. “To help our customers meets these demands, Tektronix continues to step up with the precision instruments they need such as the PA1000 and PA4000 power analyzers with a compelling combination of industry leading performance, value and usability.”

Accuracy and Value

The PA1000 offers the best overall performance in its class, with 0.05% basic accuracy and 1 MHz measurement bandwidth. Two internal current shunts are included on each PA1000 — one for current measurements up to 1 Amp, for precise low-current measurements, and another for current measurements up to 20 Amps. The 1 Amp shunt is particularly useful for maintaining measurements resolution and accuracy on demanding low-current signals common to standby power testing.

A full-color graphics display, unusual in this instrument class, makes setup and other tasks easy and intuitive, with one-button access to measurement results, power waveforms, harmonic bar graphs, and menus. Application-specific test modes for standby current, lamp ballast testing and energy integration help to simplify optimization of instrument settings, saving engineers time and reducing mistakes. PWRVIEW PC software further simplifies testing with one-click test automation for compliance-test applications.

The PA1000 offers industry leading value with standard features including LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces, harmonic analysis, and PC software that cost extra on many analyzers. A five-year warranty and Tektronix worldwide support and service add to the value proposition.

PA4000 Accuracy Specifications, Warranty Upgrades

Tektronix has also released improved accuracy specifications for the PA4000 power analyzer and extended the standard warranty to five years from the previous three years. The new accuracy specifications apply to RMS voltage, RMS current and Power. For instance RMS voltage accuracy was rated at ± 0.04% and has now been improved to a rating of ± 0.01%. For the full details please visit the PA4000 product page.

Pricing & Availability

The PA1000 is available worldwide starting in December 2013. Prices start at €2,470 / £2,080.

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