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Compact JTAG/Boundary Scan Desktop Test System

Goepel Juliet308 January 2019 - GOEPEL electronic has launched the third generation of its compact JTAG/Boundary Scan test and programming system JULIET. The new SERIES 3 now offers current and voltage measurement, discharge function and full support for the emulation technology VarioTAP among other things.

The compact JTAG/Boundary Scan desktop test and programming system combines all system electronics with the DUT interface. Shorts and open are easily detected with JULIET and external interfaces and applications can be checked for proper function. The system can also quickly program and calibrate DUTs. This makes JULIET suitable for both prototype development and electronics production in the low to medium volume range.

The Juliet control unit verifies all power supplies during test and programming and immediately disables them in the event of user-defined malfunctions. During test and programming, all supply voltages are constantly verified and immediately deactivated in the event of user-defined malfunctions.

A newly developed discharge circuit discharges the test target before and after the test. This means that all production applications, from the simple test execution to the complete repair station, can be carried out with significantly greater safety with respect to the DUT supply.

By extending the hardware, the so-called VarioTAP technology can now be used to its full extent with JULIET. VarioTAP accesses processors via JTAG, BDM, PIC, SWD or SBW and uses their integrated structures for high-speed test and programming.

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