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Aeroflex announces new Application for DMR Radio Protocol Testing

Aeroflex-392014 March 2011 – Aeroflex announced the availability of a new PC-based application for sending and receiving Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) radio data, using the 3920 as the generator and receiver. With this application, it is now possible for engineers and technicians to capture data from DMR radios and repeaters and also transmit user-defined data over the air to dynamically analyze DMR radio messages and isolate transmission and receiver problems in DMR systems.

The PC application operates along with the DMR XML channel logger (Option 390XOPT402), available as an option for the 3920 as part of the DMR system. The DMR XML channel logger option sends and receives XML formatted data, streaming it to the PC.

Capabilities of this application include the ability to log the DMR radio digital data that is being received from a DMR base repeater to a file on a PC. That file can then be used as the source of data for the transmitter of the 3920. This gives the user the facility to capture data from a repeater for a period of time and then play back the data. This effectively enables the 3920 to emulate the repeater. Alternatively, the user can create their own transmit files, giving complete control over the transmit bit stream of the 3920.

The application can also be used to log data for an extended period of time in order to capture data to be analyzed later. The files created when logging data contain a maximum of 60,000 lines before new log files are created by this application. This ensures that the size of the log file does not become excessively large when capturing and logging data for extended periods of time.

About the 3920 Analog and Digital Radio Test Set

The 3920 is the latest in next generation portable test equipment for advanced professional analog and digital radio communications. Building upon a long-standing reputation for excellence in professional radio communication tests, the 3920 from Aeroflex sets a new benchmark for quality, ease of use, performance, and value. It supports a wide variety of Motorola technologies including SmartNet/SmartZone, P25, HPD, and MOTOTRBO test capabilities. Designed as a software-defined radio test system, the 3920 is the worldwide industry standard for testing digital radio technologies.

Price and availability

This application is available immediately. It can be downloaded for free at the Aeroflex web site:

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