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Gapless Recording of GNSS, Radar and Telemetry Signals

Novator MUNIN 1005 IF21 July 2020 - Novator Solutions announced the release of MUNIN 1005-IF wideband recorder which ensures gapless recording of wideband IF signals from 2MHz to 600MHz real-time bandwidth. This together with the pre-trigger buffer are specifically important in mission critical applications with GNSS, Radar or Telemetry signals. The configurable platform is ideal for capturing one or more RF/IF channels in real-time for DUT characterization, spectrum analysis or setting up repeatable lab tests.

The updated platform supports both the latest in-chassis NVME SSD drive technology as well as external hardware RAID configurations up to 96TB (standard) which makes it possible to record spectrum signals for many hours or days dependent on the configured recording bandwidth.

“Gapless recording of wideband signals up to 600MHz real-time bandwidth enables offline spectrum analysis which cannot be handled with real-time analysis”, says Henrik Ulfhielm, CEO Novator Solutions.

Further, recording real-world wideband signals in different environments allows you to perform repeatable tests in the laboratory.

Carsten Watolla, Department manager, Spectral Data Analysis, explains “In addition to gapless recording and long recording times MUNIN 1005-IF offers features ranging from accurate timekeeping with PPS & GPS over remote control to playback in software or hardware.”

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