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PCM Channel Analyzer with Built-In Generator and Receiver

14 February 2012 – GAO Tek is offering a high performance PCM channel analyzer with a portable design, built-in direct current loop feed circuit and direct current loop hold circuit. Integrating a generator and receiver into a single unit this PCM channel analyzer, model A0070001, performs tests for level, variation of gain with frequency, variation of gain with input level, quantizing distortion, idle channel noise, crosstalk, return loss and longitudinal conversion loss.

It provides both auto and manual measurement modes and performs multi-task operations which allows for simultaneous testing and reviewing of previous records. The PCM channel analyzer also performs end to end and loop-back tests. This analyzer provides a signal frequency range of 100 to 4000 Hz and an output level range of 6 to -61 dBm0.

This PCM channel analyzer has a storage capacity of up to 60 groups of measurement results and configurations. It compares the measured results with built-in standard ITU-T tolerance masks and evaluates whether the results indicate a pass or fail. Test results are displayed graphically and can be uploaded to a computer for further analysis, filing and printing via embedded software which can be upgraded online.

This PCM channel analyzer belongs to GAO’s family of Other Testers. This line also includes Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Analyzer which is used to install, test, troubleshoot, analyze and optimize wireless networks in telecommunications, broadcasting and CATV, and High Performance Transmission Line/Antenna Analyzer which is commonly used in broadcast television, CATV, GPS, GSM/PCS, microwave relay, satellite communications and radar.

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