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IPETRONIK extends DAQ Software with Plugins for serial Data Communication

10 September 2013 – IPETRONIK extends its configuration and data acquisition software IPEmotion by two new Plugins for serial data communication: the universal SERIAL PlugIn and the SCALES PlugIn. Using the SERIAL PlugIn, devices with RS232, RS485 or RS422 interfaces can be linked to IPEmotion via Dynamic Link Library (DLL).


This way, users can easily integrate any serial device into their measuring applications by setting up a device-specific DLL with interface commands. External developers do not have to program an entire Plugin, but can implement their device-specific connection in their DLL, conveniently. DLLs exist for Fluke Norma 3000 Power Analyzer and for Metrix MX556 multimeter. Thus, measuring applications can quickly be extended by serial devices and developing times needed for driver development (device connection) are reduced considerably. This video shows how the Plugin is put into operation with IPEmotion.

The SCALES PlugIn is a special variant of the serial Plugin. This new Plugin features the serial implementation of scales by Mettler-Toledo, Satorius and Kern. Weight measurement is firmly defined. This means that developers cannot perform individual extensions as they can with the universal SCALES PlugIn. This provides users with the benefit that they only need to set the COM Port interface parameters and do not have to do any other configuration tasks. Data acquisition in IPEmotion is performed by selecting the software button "Start Measurement".


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