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Advantest launches low-cost Terahertz Spectroscopy System

Advantest-TAS740004 February 2014 - Advantest launched its new low-cost, multi-purpose terahertz spectroscopy system, the TAS7400 Series. Based on Advantest’s flagship terahertz product, the TAS7500 high-end terahertz spectroscopic system, the TAS7400 utilizes terahertz waves to deliver non-destructive spectroscopic analysis within a desktop form factor. It offers comparable measurement accuracy to the TAS7500 at a lower price range.

This affordable pricing makes terahertz spectroscopic analysis more accessible to R&D users in a broad range of sectors, and is expected to accelerate adoption of this technology. The TAS7400 is offered in three configurations, covering different bandwidths, and will be available from February 2014.

TAS7400 Terahertz Spectroscopy System

The terahertz range of frequencies spans 0.1 ~ 10 THz on the electromagnetic spectrum. When terahertz waves pass through specimens, they produce absorption spectra that can be detected and analyzed, making terahertz spectroscopy a valuable complement to ultrasound and infrared for non-destructive analysis of internal structures and constituent substances.

Advantest has led the development of terahertz systems since 2010, pioneering a new market for terahertz analysis solutions. The TAS7500 Series, launched in September 2011, widely acclaimed for its compact size, superior measurement performance, and ease of operation, has been adopted by users in the pharmaceutical industry and other diverse markets. Now, the TAS7400 Series meets widespread demand for a more accessible terahertz analysis system, bringing these capabilities within reach of academic users at universities and research institutes, and R&D departments in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to new materials and high-speed communications.

Three Configurations Cover Diverse Measurement Applications

Also like the TAS7500, the new TAS7400 is available in three configurations with varying bandwidth coverage: the TAS7400SU(0.5~7THz), the TAS7400SP (0.1~4THz), and the TAS7400SL(0.03~2THz). From new materials analysis to sub-terahertz communications R&D, the new system meets the needs of a diverse range of spectroscopic analysis customers.

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