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Direct Field Strength Measurements

Narda NRA RX System Antennas03 April 2015 – With the “Antenna Control” option the new generation of NRA RX 19” Remote Analyzers from Narda Safety Test Solutions automatically detect and take into account the calibration data of Narda’s own brand of antennas and RF cables, so monitoring and safety measurements in electromagnetic fields can now also be made without the need for conversion calculations.

Users can make use of any directional antenna in the Narda Test range. The compass data from the antennas can be retrieved by the NRA RX to get the direction information. It is also possible to use e.g. the three-axis antennas from the Narda Safety range in the same way, so that the electromagnetic field can be monitored isotropically (non-directionally). This allows direct measurements for human and environmental safety to be made.

Users can generate the appropriate data sets with calibration and correction values for antennas and cables from other manufacturers using the “NRA-Tools” PC software.

The “Antenna Control” option is available now.

The NRA RX family

Depending on the device type, Narda Remote Analyzers cover a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz with resolution bandwidths from 10 Hz up to 32 MHz. They can be integrated into practically any test and monitoring environment thanks to the Ethernet interface (100BASE-TX) and plain text remote control commands in ASCII.

Rapid transmission of large quantities of data is possible in binary format. The application-oriented operating modes are: spectrum analysis (Spectrum), parallel power measurement in different channels (Multi-Channel Power), measurement of RMS and peak levels (Level Meter) and capturing the time characteristic of a signal (Scope and I/Q Data).

All NRA RX devices are 1U (height unit) high and weigh less than five kilos. The power consumption of less than 20 VA means that they operate silently, without the need of forced ventilation. They are therefore ideal for use in mobile systems or in confined spaces.

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