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High-Density PXI Reed Relay Matrix

Pickering 40 533B04 May 2015 - Pickering Interfaces introduced an improved high-density PXI reed relay matrix module. This new model 40-533B is available as either a 64x4 or 64x2 matrix, and features 1 pole or 2 pole versions, up to 1A 150VDC/100VAC 15W hot switching and support for Pickering’s Diagnostic Test Tools – BIRST and eBIRST.

This improved version is 100% pin compatible with the previous version (40-533A). It offers improved hot switch ratings from 0.5A to 1A, additional 64x2 configurations and now includes Built-in Relay Self-Test (BIRST).

The BIRST facility provides a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within the module. No supporting test equipment is required to run a BIRST test, simply disconnect the UUT from the module’s user connector, launch the supplied BIRST application software and the tool will run a diagnostic test that will find all relays with contacts welded closed or with high (open) contact resistance. BIRST simplifies the process of diagnosing switching failures during system integration.

As an alternative to BIRST, Pickering’s new eBIRST switching system test tools also support this reed relay matrix. These tools simplify switching system fault finding by quickly testing the system and identifying the faulty relays. Once identified, the tools then display a graphical representation of the switching system’s PCB assembly, highlighting the relays that need to be replaced.

Pickering Interfaces offers a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support.

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