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New 5, 10 and 18 Slot PXIe Chassis

Keysight PXIe 10 slot02 December 2016 – Keysight Technologies announced three new PXIe chassis with different sizes and performance characteristics. The new chassis include 1) Keysight’s industry-leading 10-slot Gen 3 chassis, designed for high-performance, benchtop and R&D applications; 2) Keysight’s cost-effective 5-slot Gen 1 chassis; and 3) Keysight’s redesigned 18-slot Gen 2 chassis, with improved power supply and new features which improve system integration.

Optimized for module cooling and high-performance, Keysight’s Gen 3 M9010A 10-slot chassis delivers industry-leading sound power levels combined with exceptional per-slot cooling to meet the demands of high-performance PXIe modules. The 10-slot chassis provides a superior platform for small channel-count R&D applications, while the previously introduced Gen 3 M9019A 18-slot chassis enables test of multi-channel, high-performance manufacturing applications, such as MIMO and PA/FEM. When used with Keysight’s PXIe high-performance system modules and PC host adapters, the Gen 3 PXI chassis enable up to 16 GB/s system bandwidth to an external PC—an industry first.

The M9010A Gen 3 PXIe 10-slot chassis provides high-performance features including:

  • All hybrid, Gen 3 backplane with an x8 PCIe link to each slot and x24 (two-link) system slot
  • Ultra-quiet, high capacity cooling system
  • Two front panel SMB trigger ports providing access to PXI Trig (0:7)
  • One-button power control for multi-chassis power sequencing for large configurations
  • High power capability for high-performance PXIe modules

The M9005A PXIe 5-slot chassis is perfect for small, low-cost applications such as low-channel count VNA systems. The M9005A provides:

  • An integrated system module with a x1 cable interface to an external PC
  • Three hybrid and two PXIe slots
  • Gen 1, x1 backplane performance

The M9018B Gen 2 PXIe 18-slot chassis is a cost-effective platform to build large systems when Gen 3 performance is not required. The M9018B is an updated version of the M9018A and provides:

  • All hybrid, Gen 2 backplane with a mix of x4 and x8 links to each slot
  • High-performance cooling system
  • Two front panel SMB trigger ports providing access to PXI Trig (0:7)
  • One-button power control for multi-chassis power sequencing for large configurations
  • New power supply to provide more power for next generation PXIe modules

“We are committed to meeting the needs of engineers by providing a wide set of choices in PXI infrastructure, ranging from basic to industry-leading, high-data bandwidth,” said Neil Martin, Keysight director of corporate marketing. “The smaller footprint chassis now offer the choice of a high-bandwidth, Gen 3 communications backplane, as well as basic performance at a lower cost.”

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