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SIGLENT Technologies adds two new Spectrum Analyzers to its Portfolio

Siglent SSA3000XPlus04 September 2020 - Siglent has added two new Analyzers to their existing range of RF-Instruments. The first new member is the Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer SSA3032X-R and has increased the functionality of the entire product line by adding VNA capability to all SSA3000X-R Series instruments as a standard feature at no charge. The second new Instrument is a powerful entry level Spectrum Analyzer. The SSA3015X Plus unites solid performance, beneficial enhancement options and an unmatched price-performance ratio.

The Real Time Spectrum Analyzer model SSA3032X-R features a maximum bandwidth of 3.2 GHz and is equipped with all the functions and options of the 5 GHz and 7.5 GHz Versions. Therefore, the SSA3032X-R is the perfect debugging tool for your Sub-3 GHz projects. With Real Time capability, your analyzer will capture more data more quickly than traditional swept analyzers. This allows gap-free capture of spurs and interference sources so that you can find and fix possible issues faster. Addressable application areas include broadcast, cellular and near field communication systems and spectrum monitoring. It can be utilized for R&D, production or maintenance tasks and also in the educational sector. Real-Time acquisition is also beneficial for EMI debugging and can help to shorten the time to market. Optional Vector Signal Analysis enables the user to optimize the performance of integrated wireless connectivity modules. The newly integrated VNA capability extends the range of addressable applications towards complex impedance measurements which are essential for Antenna matching or Filter optimization.

The second introduced product is not less important, as it brings the powerful SSA3000X Plus performance, functions and features to lower bandwidths. The new SSA3015X Plus has excellent banner specifications like the Displayed Average Noise Level (typ. DANL) of -156 dBm/Hz, a Phase Noise of -99 dBc/Hz (typ) @1 GHz with 10 kHz offset, <1.2 dB total level accuracy and the standard built-in Tracking Generator and Pre-Amplifier. Furthermore, the User Interface is modern and easy to use, including a 10.1-inch touch screen, external mouse & keyboard control, and an integrated web server that make the analyzer operation intuitive and comfortable.

The SSA3015X Plus can also optionally be equipped with advanced measurement kit (SSA3000XP-AMK), which includes channel power (CHP), adjacent channel power (ACPR), occupied bandwidth (OBW), TOI and waterfall diagram (monitor), as well as harmonic and carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) measurements. These can help to solve various challenges in transmission or at communication systems.

The extended EMC option adds EMI filter with bandwidths of 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1 MHz following CISPR16.1 definition. Various EMC standard limits are included and can easily be loaded and displayed. The SSA3015X Plus also features Vector Signal Analysis demodulation options.

The starting price for the SSA3015X Plus is 1159.-€ net. The SSA3032X-R starts at 3995.- € net.

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