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Cognex presents new Wafer Reader

cognex-wafer-reader16 August 2011 - Cognex has introduced its next generation wafer identification (ID) reader and accompanying software, the In-Sight 1740 Series and In-Sight Explorer Wafer ID software version 4.5.0. The new product family includes features designed to improve both read rates and reliability, while making it easier to configure and maintain the reader on a wide range of wafer handling and process tools.

Combined, these features help ensure maximum tool uptime, uninterrupted by the need for human intervention in the wafer ID step.

With more processing power, In-Sight 1740 Series wafer readers reduce the typical reading time by 40%. The faster processing speed also helps In-Sight 1740 Series readers to take advantage of new automatic, self-optimization features. These new features can dramatically increase read rates and reliability on even the most difficult-to-read ID marks while ensuring trouble-free, unattended operation.

In-Sight 1740 Series readers also include a superior, integrated illumination system to that of its predecessors. Cognex In-Sight 1720 Series readers are well-regarded for their internal illumination system that produced high-readability bright field images. The In-Sight 1740 Series makes this best-in-class illumination system even better thanks to a built-in row of external LEDs that delivers exceptionally high contrast dark field images of the ID marks on many types of wafers. Plus, as new types of wafer process coatings are developed, the In-Sight 1740 Series readers can be extended to meet new imaging challenges with specialized lighting powered by the external light expansion port.

“The In-Sight 1740 Series improves upon a product family that was already considered to be the standard in the semiconductor industry for wafer readers,” said Bhaskar Banerjee, Business Unit Manager for Cognex Vision Systems. “The new systems offer several upgrades like automatic image enhancement, a software tool that overcomes visual degradations to wafer IDs using the automatic image enhancement filtering capability—a feature that only Cognex offers.”

The new In-Sight 1740 Series wafer readers are 100% backward compatible. With the exact same dimensions, mounting hole pattern, and remote command set, the In-Sight 1740 Series readers can be used everywhere the In-Sight 1720 Series readers are used today.

The new In-Sight Explorer Wafer ID software, version 4.5.0, includes several new tools:

Automatic image enhancement filters for overcoming visual degradations. In the most severe cases, enhancement filters are able to turn reading failure into reading success, without the need for human intervention.

Enhanced support for 300mm wafers. Following the SEMI M1.15 standard, every 300mm wafer features both a T7 Data Matrix code and OCR mark. Cognex’s new 4.5.0 software improves reading performance on SEMI M1.15 marks by first trying to read the T7 code using patented Cognex IDMax® technology. The OCR mark will be used as a backup if the T7 code is too degraded by processing. Maximum reliability is assured, and the reader is easier to maintain because fewer configurations are required.

Cognex In-Sight 1740 Series Wafer ID Readers are available now.

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