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GAOtek-A0E10004Handheld Earth Ground Tester

30 May 2012 – GAO Tek is offering its handheld earth ground tester which simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement. It is ideal for telecommunication systems, electric power systems and for testing earth resistance of various equipment and buildings.

This handheld Earth Ground Tester, model A0E10004, features basic ground testing methods including 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole. When measuring using 2-pole, there is no need for the auxiliary rod. The tester can also measure AC voltage and soil resistivity and can save up to 15 groups of data. It sends a warning signal when results exceed the test range.

This portable and easy-to-operate tester provides a wide resistance measurement range of 0 Ω to 2000 Ω with a high accuracy of ±2% + 2d. This handheld tester is powered by four 1.5 AA alkaline batteries and operates for a long time. In addition, it provides an IP54 protection rating making it suitable for field use.

This handheld Earth Ground Tester belongs to GAO’s family of Earth Ground Testers which includes other similar products in different usages. A featured tester in this unit is Single Clamp Earth Tester which simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement. It measures the integrated value of ground resistance and also tests the leakage current of ground wires. Another one is Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester which is widely used tests soil resistivity and leakage current of grounding systems under different conditions.

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