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Configurable Automated Test Set for Software-defined Radios

Aeroflex-721527 September 2013 - Aeroflex announced the release of the Aeroflex 7215 Configurable Automated Test Set. The 7215 is a complete radio test system designed for production and depot-level testing of military and software-defined radios (SDR). The standard 7215 configuration includes a high resolution touch-screen user interface, RF testing up to 2.6 GHz, 90 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth for both digital signal generation and analysis, and multiple RF and audio instruments in a single package.

Advanced digital signal analysis tools, such as EVM measurements and even power drop-out tests on frequency hopped waveforms, are optional and are custom developed for each customer’s unique test requirements. Customers who require automation for RF and non-RF radio tests can also use the 7215 as a smaller, more capable and cost-effective alternative to large rack and stack ATE systems.

“The 7215 is an ATE system in a single box that provides customers with an advanced, synthetic solution capable of complex modulation and frequency hopped tests – either in a manual or automated mode – for software-defined radios,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing for Aeroflex. “As the capabilities of multi-band, multi-function software-defined radios continue to evolve, customers are asking for a test instrument capable of performing a broad range of complex tests both now and in the future; yet accomplishing this in a simple, cost-effective manner unachieved by traditional ‘rack and stack’ ATE systems. The 7215 is the solution.”

The 7215 features accuracy and specifications comparable to stand-alone instruments.  Typical specifications include:

•         DC to 2.6 GHz Frequency Coverage

•         90 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth for Signal Generation and Digitization

•         Phase Noise of -102 dBc/Hz

•         RF Generator Level accuracy of +/-1.0 dB

•         -147 dBm DANL Spectrum Analyzer with 85 dB Dynamic Range

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