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Multistandard Test Solution for Bluetooth Prequalification

RS CMW50020 April 2015 - The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester of Rohde & Schwarz supports all 38 RF signaling tests designed by the Bluetooth SIG while providing test capability for other cellular and non-cellular standards as well. Thanks to its particularly fast spectrum measurements, the platform helps users optimize their designs.

Modules used in machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications often combine Bluetooth with diverse other wireless interface technologies. This results in higher testing requirements for Bluetooth module developers and integration specialists. Whether for use in the area of wireless communications, automotive, smart home, wearable technologies or in the medical sector, Rohde & Schwarz helps users optimize their test performance, minimize test times and therefore save money with its solution for RF measurements, which was qualified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

RF signaling tests for Bluetooth prequalification

The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester is the only instrument to support all 38 RF signaling tests specified by the Bluetooth SIG together with other cellular technologies such as LTE, LTE-A, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA2000 as well as non-cellular technologies such as WLAN and GNSS. Rohde & Schwarz therefore offers a compact solution for prequalification tests for Bluetooth Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate as well as Bluetooth Low Energy. The solution covers the Bluetooth core specification for versions 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0+HS, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. The easy-to-use R&S CMWrun sequencer software tool makes it possible to automate the 38 RF test cases and generate clear and comprehensible test reports.

Fast spectrum measurements for development purposes

Developers can use the R&S CMW500 to perform extensive tests on their Bluetooth products and optimize their design before calling on a Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF). Part of the qualification tests includes complex spectrum measurements across 79 channels. The extremely fast R&S CMW500 gives developers initial test results in less than a second, in turn simplifying optimization tasks. In addition, the solution is ideally suited for carrying out general integration and coexistence tests, as well as functional tests and quick tests during production. Thanks to its intelligent signal processing enabling multiple simultaneous measurements, the R&S CMW500 can offer a complex transceiver measurement covering power, modulation and spectrum as well as RF loopback in just a few seconds.

The R&S CMW270 wireless connectivity tester offers a cost-efficient solution for users performing pure non-cellular integration tasks involving Bluetooth and WLAN. The Bluetooth SIG has qualified both the R&S CMW500 and the R&S CMW270 for RF measurements.

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