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4-Channel Automotive Tester/Diagnostic Oscilloscope

GAOtec-Automotive_Oscilloscope01 March 2012 – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its 4-channel automotive tester/diagnostic oscilloscope which has a wide input voltage range from 8 to 36 V making it suitable for vehicle power tests. This 4-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscope, model A0E20001, has vehicle diagnosis functions; more than 20 kinds of automatic measurement functions, automatic cursor tracking measurements, as well as, built-in fast Fourier transform (FFT) spectrum analysis.

It operates at 60 MHz and offers a maximum real-time sampling rate of up to 200 MS/s in single channel mode and 100 MS/s in dual channel mode. This oscilloscope provides a vertical resolution of 8 bits/channel and a time base range from 5 ns/div to 1000 s/div. It also has acquisition modes including real-time sampling and roll modes with a buffer size from 10 k to 16 M samples.

Advanced trigger types including edge trigger and pulse trigger are provided and trigger modes such as auto, normal and single are included. This oscilloscope also has addition, subtraction, multiplication and FFT mathematic functions. It is powered directly from the USB port of a computer, so this kit can be used either in the workshop or on the road to test and measure virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and systems in motor vehicles. In addition, it is compatible with OS from Windows NT to Windows 7.

This 4-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscope belongs to GAO’s family of Automotive Testers. This line of testers is ideal for automotive tests and offers GAO’s customers valuable choices. This line also includes Handheld 2 Channel 20 MHz Digital Oscilloscope w/DDM, Handheld 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Oscilloscope w/DDM, Portable Digital Oscilloscope w/FFT, and Multi-Function Logic Analyzer which is capable of simultaneously observing a sizeable amount of data and data flow direction control information.

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