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Ultra fast Flying Probe Tester for big PCBs with 16 Test Heads

atg A8 16a29 June 2015 - atg Luther & Maelzer releaseds the flying probe tester A8-16a, which combines the speed of the 16 probe system A8-16 with the automation of the A7a. The A8-16a addresses the test and productivity requirements of big or complex server boards or production panels up to 24.4” x 24.0” with huge test point numbers.

The 16 test heads of the A8-16a reach a test speed of up to 15,000 measurements per minute. The system fully supports the testing of air- and aerospace applications due to IPC-9252A guidelines. This includes Class 3 products which have to be tested using an adjacency based ohmic resistance test because a capacitance short test is not allowed.

The high throughput of the A8-16a allows for leveraging the flexibility of a flying probe tester for production quantities, for which traditional set-ups, would require several fixtures on a grid tester to achieve the required test coverage. This moves the economical break-even point, when it will be necessary to build multiple cost intensive test fixtures, to much higher quantities.

The system is equipped with 8 cameras for optical alignment and has a new gripper arm that can load products up to 10 kg (22 lbs).

Additional options for A8-16a include a barcode label system, 1000 Volt testing and low ohm Kelvin measurement capability. These features cover all the necessary test methods for complex and high cost printed circuit boards.

The system uploads the boards on separate good and bad board staggers. Before the boards can be labeled and identified by an optional barcode or DMC-code system. The-code shows the reference between a board and the corresponding fault file directly. This eliminates any potential handling failure by an operator.

The A8-16a is prepared for lights out operation. With the feeder capacity of 390 mm it is possible to load more than 200 boards with a thickness of 1.6 mm at one time. This capacity guarantees an operator free test over a whole night shift.

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