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Royce-S600New Series of Bond Test Instruments

29. Mai 2012 - Royce Instruments introduced the Royce 600 Series of bond test instruments which includes the Royce 650 Universal Bond Tester as well as the new Royce 620 Multitest Bond Tester, and the Royce 610 Dedicated Wire Pull Bond Tester. With this comprehensive series, Royce Instruments can meet the full range of your bond test needs. In addition, the Royce 600 Series is scalable, which means it will continue to meet your testing needs as they evolve in the future.

The Royce 600 Series offers a number of substantial benefits that make these instruments the first choice for bond testing. Royce Instruments bond testers handle a wide variety of chip and wire testing applications.

Capabilities include:

■Wire bond pull test

■Ball bond shear test

■Solder ball shear test

■Solder ball pull test

■Die bond shear test

■Zone shear test

■3 point die strength test

The Royce 600 Series is based on Royce's field-proven technology and user-focused design that have been refined and advanced over three decades for extremely high reliability and performance. The Royce test instruments feature:

■Outstanding accuracy and durability – Even at high force levels there is virtually no deflection in the tool, due to the extreme rigidity of the robust frame design.

■Unparalleled data management capabilities – Because the Royce 600 Series instruments are linked to a centralized database, test data can be shared across your network and can be centrally managed. You can even access test data without leaving your desk or entering the cleanroom by using the desktop version of the Bond Test Manager software.

■Configuration flexibility – The Royce 600 Series instruments use interchangeable tooling, for cost savings and greater flexibility.

■Scalability – The networked system of Royce 600 Series instruments can easily be expanded to meet your growing needs.

■Responsive local support – Through authorized, highly trained local distributors, who are able to respond quickly to your needs.

In Europe the Royce 600 Series of bond test instruments is available from Accelonix and other distributors.

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