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Embedded Test of differential Clock Signals

07 May 2014 – GOEPEL electronic announced the extension of the ChipVORX embedded test instruments for universal frequency measurement based on special FPGA soft macros. The ChipVORX models are modular IP to control chip embedded instruments which now allow FPGA-assisted test of differential clock signals and the measurement of frequencies directly inside the system application. This allows the user to verify the dynamics of the signals and to increase test coverage, where the workflow is fully automated by the software.

As the process works without FPGA design synthesis, a dynamic adaption of the test procedure is possible without problems, e.g. for operational hardware debug of diverse signal pins.

“In modern FPGA designs with Involved Gigabit Interfaces, differential clocks play a decisive role for the stability of data transmission. With the new ChipVORX models, our customers can now operate appropriate tests,” says Bettina Richter, Marketing Manager at GOEPEL electronic.

The ChipVORX IP for universal frequency measurement configures an appropriate instrument inside the FPGA, which is fully controllable by the user via the standard IEEE 1149.1 TAP. In addition to frequency measurement, a counter function is also available. These features allow verification of clock signals as well as detection of pulses, non-deterministic signal changes or stuck-at-0/1 errors. Whereas the control for automated production test is realized in the context of the test program, the interactive debugging can access graphic panels. Running the program is possible on any run time station without further options. Gang Applications are supported as well. For automatic generation of test procedures, an integrated Automatic Application Program Generator (AAPG) built into SYSTEM CASCON is available.

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