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News and Information about the Test of Electronics in Research & Design, Production, Maintenance, and Installation.  


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Hioki launched Flying Probe Tester for PCBs2019-02-13 07:13:02
Flying Probe Tester for oversized PCBs2018-07-16 06:07:59
Increased Test Coverage for SPEA Flying Prober System2018-03-05 07:12:23
Boundary Scan Integration in Flying Probe Tester2018-01-11 07:04:42
Highly automated Flying Probe Tester for PCBs2017-04-11 05:55:59
Embedded JTAG Solution for SPEA Flying Probe Tester2017-04-07 06:14:26
High Speed Flying Probe PCB Test System2017-02-13 07:12:19
JTAG/Boundary Scan available for Flying Prober Testers from TAKAYA2016-11-14 07:14:59
Integrated Boundary Scan in Flying Probe Testers2016-05-12 06:14:38
Double Sided Flying Probe Tester for Substrate Test2016-02-16 07:19:07
Boundary Scan Integration into Flying Probe Tester2016-01-27 07:04:31
Ultra fast Flying Probe Tester for big PCBs with 16 Test Heads2015-06-29 07:38:13
Flying Probe Tester for Substrates down to 10 µm2015-03-30 07:11:29
Flying Probe Tester for large Format, high Layer-Count Backplanes2015-03-04 08:13:55
New Generation of high speed Flying Probe PCB Testers2015-01-06 07:28:30
Takaya introduces new Flying Probe Tester2014-07-02 10:51:57
SPEA presents new Flying Probe and Bed-of-Nails Testers2013-11-14 11:52:39
Acculogic's new Flying Prober to Make European Debut at Productronica2013-11-11 12:51:05
Versatile Contacting Solution for Assembly Test2013-01-16 13:30:56
atg Luther & Maelzer launches new Flying Prober Generation2012-09-07 08:27:18
New on All-about-Test: Product Focus Flying Probe Tester2012-04-03 06:24:34
Seica SpA: Flying Prober with automatic loader and new In-circuit and functional Test System2011-11-14 11:37:52
SPEA: Latest in Flying Probe and Bed-of-Nails Test Technology2011-11-08 14:48:26
Interview: 25 Years Seica 2011-10-24 09:47:53
Integration of Boundary Scan into Flying Prober2011-05-31 13:52:39
Backplane Flying Probe Tester2011-05-26 06:10:40
Seica and Elgris Technologies to sign Reseller Agreement2010-11-24 12:36:56
Dual Head Robotic Prober2010-11-18 12:15:25
electronica 2010: Seica presents renewed Flying prober and new compact test systems2010-11-05 07:39:26
Salvitech and Gardien announce Global Distribution Agreement2010-09-20 07:41:27

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